To be honest the first acronym of God that I discovered was Literally Universal God (LUG) and I discovered LUG at the very end or culmination of my one year of extremely devout Roman Catholic worship by spiritually head-butting the Pope and falling beneath the literally universal (sarcasm) city-state of Rome – and subsequently making a second class citizen. At this time I discovered that the term universal is not enough on its own and that we have to emphatically use the word literally, as in literally universal etc (something the Jews and Roman Catholics did not think of). What Europeans and westerners have to understand is that LUG is real and He is not the Son or Jesus Christ, and it was the Jews who first discovered LUG and who hence, have a total monopoly over LUG and His powers etc – which is a cause of the Adolf Hitler’s Holocaust etc. However, I am hoping that the Jews and Moses would like acronyms of Goddesses and Gods such as Literally Universal God (LUG), Plural and Literally Nothing Goddesses (PLNGS), Plural and Literally Infinite Gods (PLIGS) and Plural and Literally Universal Deities (PLUDS) etc. An acronym such as LUG is smaller and less of a misogynistic and vain prehistoric hubris of a primate than God. God is vain because He is misogynistic etc. God makes us not a Goddess or a God, whereas LUG does not. LUGGY is an alien. So would the Jews and Moses like LUGGY? Would the Jews and Moses be interested in calling or dialling up LUG with acronyms of Goddesses and Gods using their writing (which is their invention) to ask for help like the Kabbalah? Dialling PLUDS is easy, it is just an essay and it is how we attained the forgiveness of Adolf Hitler, the Nazis and the Holocaust etc. Perhaps the Jews could help the Europeans reform and transfer Yahweh as PLUDS from Israel to Europe (which is the forgiveness of the Holocaust)? Jews, please forgive us Europeans for the Holocaust. We didn’t mean it and we did not know what we were doing with LUG. No wonder Judaism required a Saviour.

Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” And they divided up his clothes by casting lots. Luke 23:34.

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