I am a British white Gold Coastese, Goldian or Geldian from Ghana (the Gold Coast) of the Gulf of Guinea of West Africa. For example, I am like a white Ivorian, a white person raised from infancy in the Ivory Coast etc. West and Central Africa such as the Gold Coast (Ghana), the Ivory Coast and the Congo are abnormal and arboreal, as in chimpanzees and gorillas, as opposed to East and South Africa which are normal and bipedal, as in Australopithecus australis etc. I mean the only parts of Africa that you will see on television documentaries will be the normal and bipedal Serengeti and Kalahari game reserves, but never abnormal and arboreal West and Central Africa for example. There is nothing more Keeenya, Darjeeling, Hindi, Maharaja, colonial or exotic than a white Ivoraian etc. In Germany and West Africa we do not say the Führer’s religion, the Führer’s spirituality or the Führer’s divinity etc, we say the Führer’s efficiency. The Führer’s efficiency is religious and spiritual etc. The Führer’s Ismlesser efficiency (IE) is time in that the earlier that you are implanted with IE the more efficient you will be later in life. Therefore, if we efficiently implant the Führer’s Ismlesser efficiency (IE) in children as early as possible they will turn out extremely efficient and they will efficiently attain discoveries and inventions beyond our wildest dreams. Racism is efficiency for white people and without the Führer at the top and governing Europeans, and without efficient education (EE) many cool children inefficiently drop out, like myself at about 9 or 10 years old. Therefore, we must implant the Führer’s Ismlesser efficiency (IE) in children as early as possible etc. She is nothing. Nothing is efficient. She is efficient. European Goddesses are efficient. European Goddesses are evolutionarily extremely fit. Heil Hitler! Seig heil!

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